We analyse your needs and those of your family and manage all aspects of moving to your new destination: moving, housing, supplies, domestic service, school, medical centres, work and residence permits, sports clubs, leisure activities, etc.


How we do it 

In addition to requiring an enormous amount of time and effort, an international relocation represents an important logistical, economic and administrative challenge for the Human Resources department of any company.

The solution to save time, money and hassle is to entrust Relocation To Barcelona with the complete management. With our  Hospitality services, employees will be able to move into their new home in the minimum amount of time, allowing them to focus on their work and maximize their working time.

Administrative formalities and welcome

Initially, we offer the expatriate a pre-departure orientation program, which includes:

  • Administrative formalities.
  • Opening of a bank current account.
  • Welcome dossier.
  • Information and practical advice on living in Barcelona.
  • Visit the most convenient area of Barcelona, according to your preferences and those of your family.
  • Proposal of customized options.
Temporary housing

We can book temporary accommodation for you, both for the first visit and during the housing selection process, and for as long as you wish.

Orientation guided tour

We organize a tour by Barcelona so that you can get to know the dimensions of the city and the different residential areas, the location of your workplace, your children’s school, and other places that are of particular interest to you.

Moving and transfers

Once we know the needs and preferences of the client and his family, we begin to manage the moving of goods and the transfer of people, supervising all the details from the origin to the final destination.

Housing search

Our specialized team will take care of finding the right home within the criteria set and in the minimum time. The service includes assistance with contract negotiation, entry inspection and supply registration.We will accompany you to the visits and mediate in the rental or purchase of the property, facilitating communication and assisting you in the various aspects of negotiations with real estate agents and suppliers.

School search and others

The relocation program also includes the search for a school for the children, the medical mutual insurance company, gym, language schools, and all the services required by the client.

Supplies, services and maintenance

We manage the registration of household supp