Tell us what your needs are. Our goal is to help company employees and their families settle in Barcelona.

A mismanaged expatriation can affect the future expatriations of a company’s employees. Therefore, proper planning and management of the employee and family relocation process is essential.

From the initial stage of the expatriation process, we make it easier for companies to provide their employees with a satisfactory communication policy, in terms of clarity and quantity of information about the process of moving and adapting to the new destination.

In preparation for transfer, in the first contact with the client in our offices, we offer a welcome Dossier with information about the most relevant aspects to live in Barcelona, and we collect all the information to know their needs and expectations.

Prior to your move, the orientation and information programme about Barcelona and our personalised advice, which explains everything you need to know about Barcelona, is crucial for the client to make the best decisions according to their preferences.

Once we know the particularities of the client, we start working to satisfy all his needs and those of his family: administrative procedures, housing, school, domestic staff, suppliers, language, sports club, medical centre, etc.

We can book temporary accommodation for you in Barcelona, both for your first visit and during the housing selection process.

We prepare the transfer in an agile and worry-free way for the expatriate.


We help you to make the best decisions for your move to Barcelona.